[update] Aachen: 10th day of trial

During the session of the 13th of March a “mosso d’esquadra” (the deputy inspector of the information brigade of the mossos d’esquadra, based in Sabadell was supposed to give a testimony concerning the part of the investigation related to the spanish state). That is, on the one hand, the obtaining of the DNA of our comrades, and on the other about everything related to the political “theories” concerning the financing of a terrorist organization.
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[update] Aachen: Short summary of the 6th and 7th session

Short summary of the 6th session (2/3/17)

In the session on the 2nd of March the first witness was a maintenance worker of the building in which the bank is situated, who has his “workshop” in the -1 floor of the private parking lot of the building. That morning he heard sounds of doors and people, but without really being able to tell which door it was, since there are various doors that connect the parking lot to the stairs of the apartment and the bank. For all of these a key is needed to enter but not to exit. He found a black hat on the floor which he handed over to the police when he realised there had been a robbery.

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[letter] Koln: Down with patriarchy – words from inside prison

Here we publish a letter of our anarchist comrade who is locked up in German prison, in Köln, since several months. She is accused of bank robbery in Aachen and she is already facing the trial. She wrote this letter in the context of 8th of march, the international Day of women struggle.


Down with patriarchy
On the social, racist and patriarchal problems faced by women in prison

It is generally well known that German society is rife with inequality. The upper classes are secure and cared for, they have no existential concerns and, despite all the wider problems of the world, they are able to offer their children a promising future which is not available to the lower classes. Whilst a small minority of people are able to get richer, the majority are left to exist on the bare minimum, working for a shitty low wage and constantly being pushed towards pointless consumption so that the profit driven system that we live in can continue to function. While some sun-bathe on their extravagantly expensive yachts in the Mediterranean, or get flown around the globe in their private jets, many cannot afford to go on holiday once in their lives, or to pay their rent or electricity bill or to buy a couple of new teeth. While the super-rich save their abundant wealth from taxes by securing it in off-shore tax havens or mailbox companies, for which they never face any serious judicial proceedings, the poor are doing months or years in prison for fines or petty crimes – for sums of money that the rich spend in minutes on a daily basis.
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[solidarity] April 17-23, 2017: International call out for decentralized actions in solidarity with comrades accused of bank-robbery in Aachen

[found here: https://de-contrainfo.espiv.net/2017/03/03/internationaler-aufruf-fur-dezentraliserte-aktionen-in-solidaritat-mit-den-gefahrt_innen-die-wegen-bankraub-in-aachen-angeklagt-sind/]

In 2015, a comrade from Amsterdam was arrested. She was accused of having participated in a  robbery in 2013 against the Aachener bank in Aachen. After a few months spent in preventive and several weeks of trial, she was finally acquitted and released. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the Aachen Prosecutor’s Office will appeal this verdict and go to the revision court.

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[update] Aachen: Summary of the fifth hearing

During today’s session two street cleaners testified that on the day of the robbery they found a bag in the vicinity of the bank. One of them didn’t even see what was inside and barely testified. The other, upon emptying it in his cleaning cart, saw that there was a gun inside and warned the police. He was not certain whether there had been a sports bag with a plastic bag inside or whether there had been two bags.

The two cops that responded to the street cleaner’s call and who closed off the area surrounding the bank following the robbery, also took the stand. They said that they did not touch the bag and that one of the street cleaners had done so (with work gloves).

Furthermore, the judge has read various forensic reports concerning the material that was inside the bank (tools, tie-wraps, a cutter that contained a finger print, etc.) and a report to determine whether the traces found on the safe and on the entrance door to the apartment (adjacent to the bank and the worker’s entrance) coincided with the tools found inside the bank. This last report is not conclusive.

The next session will take place on the 2nd of March at 09.00.

[solidarity] Barcelona: Attack in solidarity with anarchists imprisoned in Aachen

On the night of January 28, we burned two vehicles of the company Prosegur near their headquarters in the Bellvitge neighborhood of Hospitalet. We do not think it necessary to justify this attack on these wretched guard dogs.

To carry out this action we have resorted to an old, well known method used by anarchists. The device consists of a small bottle filled with gasoline, a wick with some matches  around it.

We want with this little gesture to send all our love and strength to the anarchists accused  of having expropriated a bank in Aachen and who have been on trial since January 23rd.

Long live anarchy !!

[Translated from Spanish from Indy Barcelona, 15 Feb 2017]

[solidarity] Barcelona: Deutche Bank attacked

On the night of February 24th (14?), we attacked a bank branch of the Deutsche Bank on the rambla del poblenou, breaking the cashmachine and the windows.

It is an action in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists in
Aachen who are at the moment facing trial.

For the extension of solidarity and direct action in all its forms.

Fire to all prisons.
Death to the State and long live anarchy.

found and translated from spanish on Indymedia barcelona