[solidarity] Zurich: Fire attack on an Implenia van

On the night of the 20th of June, a firestarter set was placed under a delivery truck from Implenia in Zurich. Implenia is a company participating in the expansion of the Bässlergut prison in Basel. All companies, institutions and individuals who plan, build and manage camps and prisons are responsible for maintaining these repressive structures.

This fire is also in solidarity with the anarchist comrade, who was sentenced in Aachen for bank robbery and with all the comrades affected by the operation “Scripta Manent” in Italy.

For more beautiful nightly fires
For the destruction of the prison society

[solidarity] Madrid: incendiary device in solidarity with convicted comrade

On the night of June 7, an explosive-incendiary device was placed in a branch of Bankia located in the Mirasierra neighbourhood of Madrid, disturbing the tranquility of the upper-middle class that resides there. This suburb is populated with villas and mansions under constant video-surveillance and protected by a private security patrol. Their distance to any poverty or misery permits and cements the standard of living of its inhabitants. Continue reading

[solidarity] Toulouse: Eiffage vehicle in flames

Today, I was pissed off.
I was enraged by the
7.5-year prison sentence that befell on the anarchist comrade accused of a bank expropriation in Aachen.
Pissed off to learn that the judges decided to keep Kara and Kreme in custody.
A bottle of hydroalcoholic gel emptied on the front wheel and a fire starter sufficed to engulf in flames an Eiffage car, a company that builds cages and deserved all my anger.
Anarchist Solidarity, for a dangerous June

[from: Indy Nantes, Thursday 8 June 2017]

[solidarity] Madrid, Lavapiés : solidarity with the sentenced comrade

On the night of Wednesday 7, taking advantage of the fact that a part of the neighborhood of lavapies had been prepared for the future shooting of a television series, several graffiti were made in solidarity with the sentenced comrade in Aachen.

We hope that this small gesture will contribute to the extension of solidarity.

Down the walls of the prisons!
Liberty anarchist prisoners!

[update] Aachen: 23rd day of court

The session of May 31st began with the request of one of the defense attorneys to extend their plea, handing over the Pandora 1 dossier translated into German.
The prosecutor demanded to reopen the trial saying that it had new evidence. The prosecution claims to have searched the internet, apparently discovering that one of the comrades had been in prison for 15 years, in Portugal. They had already begun the procedure of inquiring with the Portuguese consulate but had not yet received a reply. The prosecutor also presented an article that was found in Indymedia Barcelona
where the comrade talks about his path of struggle during his years in prison.
Although the judge had said that no further evidence would be accepted, he
decided to accept these last elements as the requested by the prosecutor.
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[update] Aachen: 22nd day in court

The session of May 22nd begun by examining the topic of one of the accused’s journey
using the service Blablacar in France. The French driver wrote a letter to the court
saying that she would not come to testify, but that she recognized the
accused when she was shown a picture.
At this point the judge said that the case would rest, thus no more witnesses or evidence would be accepted.
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[update] short summary of session #21

The prosecution began the court session by exhibiting all the information she considers relevant concerning the travels that one of the accused supposedly has made by BlaBlacar between France and Barcelona. She stated that the LKA contacted BlaBlacar because of some received messages on a confiscated phone, from which travel bookings were made. BlaBlacar gave all the information about this phone number and the supposed bookings.

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