[update] Summary of the 18th and 19th session of the Aachen court case

During the session on the 28th of April the police expert testified concerning the telephone communication. The focus was on the messages, calls and contacts shared between various confiscated phones. It turned out that there were no “welcome messages” to other countries and that Vodafone does not have access to the data of 2014 (because they are obliged to erase them after one year). In the comparison of the agendas, some shared phone numbers were found, but no calls were made between those phones in the days around the robbery.

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[solidarity] Aachen: wild demo in solidarity with the accused comrades

On Saturday 29th April, in Aachen, a wild demo interrupted the streets of the city center, disturbing the consumerist apathetic routine, spreading flyers, shouting slogans and throwing fireworks. This action happened in solidarity with the comrades facing trial in the courts of this city, a disgusting and humiliating spectacle that now sees two comrades in the last months of their trial for a bank robbery that occurred in 2014 in the same city.A breath of fresh air, to give space to our anger about the State’s kidnapping of our comrades, a liberating and joyful look at this city other than from the claustrophobic benches of a sterile courtroom. Continue reading

Patras, Greece: Responsibility claim for attacks on banks, DAP offices and Patras Events

Responsibility claim for attacks on banks, DAP offices (right political party) and Patras Events (local news site)
The well-built fairy tale that steeps thousands of submitted consumers
into indifference and illusions, in our heads is equivalent with the
monster of dominant aesthetics, with the onset of hypocrisy and submission

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[update] Summary of session 17

Summary of session 17 in the Aachen case

The session on the 24th of April barely took three hours. It begun with the attempt to “coordinate” the agendas so that the biometrical expert would be able to testify. It was expected that this would happen on the 25th of April, but on this day the expert is not able to come, and since the prosecution has insisted that he/she is an important witness, the dates of the court have been changed. It seems now that this expert will testify on the 12th of May (although this still needs to be confirmed). Tomorrow’s session is cancelled, and for the moment there are three new sessions: on the 31st of May, and the 7th and 13th of June.

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[solidarity] Vienna: Bank trashed

Last weekend the branch of Bawag-PSK Bank in Kuefsteingasse 37, 1140 Vienna was attacked with sticky stinky black liquids.
Banks are one important component of the whole capitalist system of exploitation. Behind every story they tell us, why we should store our money there, we will find out that the only aim is profit. Also they are deeply connected with the welfare of the state. They depend on each other like flowers on sun. If banks go bankrupt the state has to save them and also the other way round.

There’s no space for a deep analysis of the whole fucking system here, unfortunately.
If banks get attacked it’s also an indirect attack on the state!

Solidarity to the anarchists who are accused for bankrobbery in Aachen, Germany!
Solidarity to the squat in Kienmayergasse 15 that’s been evicted yesterday! (https://kienmayergasse15.noblogs.org/)

What’s the robbery of a bank compared to the foundation of a one?

[found here: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/209868 on 20.4.2017]

[solidarity] Mexico: bomb attack against bank

Bomb attack against a bank in solidarity with imprisoned comrades in Germany (Mexico)

Responding to the international call for actions in solidarity with the compañerxs accused of robbery in Aachen, Germany, we placed an explosive device with a little more than one kilo of black powder at a Citibanamex branch located on Eje 10 [in Mexico City] at 2:30am on April 20.

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