[update] Aachen: 23rd day of court

The session of May 31st began with the request of one of the defense attorneys to extend their plea, handing over the Pandora 1 dossier translated into German.
The prosecutor demanded to reopen the trial saying that it had new evidence. The prosecution claims to have searched the internet, apparently discovering that one of the comrades had been in prison for 15 years, in Portugal. They had already begun the procedure of inquiring with the Portuguese consulate but had not yet received a reply. The prosecutor also presented an article that was found in Indymedia Barcelona
where the comrade talks about his path of struggle during his years in prison.
Although the judge had said that no further evidence would be accepted, he
decided to accept these last elements as the requested by the prosecutor.

After this, the last part of the defense lawyer’s closing arguments began.

– He insisted that the new elements presented by the prosecution were of no use since there is currently no confirmation from Portugal. He stated that what was presented was not evidence but prosecution’s propaganda.
– He underlined again the illegal procedure in the acquiring of the DNA samples (without any type of authorization of a judge)
– The witness (a bank worker) who says she recognized the comrade had been influenced by the article of the local press where his photo had been printed but where it’s also stated that he is the accused robber. In the police report she said she saw a person who was not wearing a mask. This person appears in the video from a cctv camera inside the bank (according to the witnesses only one person was not wearing a mask), which is not one of the accused (as stated by the biometrics expert called by the prosecution).

He has demanded for immediate freedom for his client.
The sentence will be pronounced at the beginning of the next session, June 7 at 9:00 in the morning