[solidarity] Madrid: incendiary device in solidarity with convicted comrade

On the night of June 7, an explosive-incendiary device was placed in a branch of Bankia located in the Mirasierra neighbourhood of Madrid, disturbing the tranquility of the upper-middle class that resides there. This suburb is populated with villas and mansions under constant video-surveillance and protected by a private security patrol. Their distance to any poverty or misery permits and cements the standard of living of its inhabitants.

This action was carried out after hearing the sentence of our comrade condemned for a bank expropriation in Germany, to whom we wish to send all the heat of our fire.

We also frame our action in the call out against the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Tonight our anger and repulsion also erupted against the impotence of daily life, with an attempt to shake off our passivity and give back some of the violence that we endure. Tired of the comfort of programmed life and political activity, also programmed; we want to embrace with this act all those who fell during an action and fight against passivity.

Let solidarity among the anarchists not only be only written words! For Anarchy!