[update] Summary of the 18th and 19th session of the Aachen court case

During the session on the 28th of April the police expert testified concerning the telephone communication. The focus was on the messages, calls and contacts shared between various confiscated phones. It turned out that there were no “welcome messages” to other countries and that Vodafone does not have access to the data of 2014 (because they are obliged to erase them after one year). In the comparison of the agendas, some shared phone numbers were found, but no calls were made between those phones in the days around the robbery.

There was particular interest in the significance of messages of short numbers (the customer service type of the companies) and the prosecution indicated that the request to Vodafone Spain had only been made 2 weeks before. Furthermore, in one of the private houses which were raided on the 13th of April, nothing was found that could be used as proof.

The session on the 5th of May consisted of reading out some parts of the file. On the one hand the defense brought in various documents which show, by means of the archived sentence of the Pandora II case and the case of Monica and Francisco, that GAC is not a terrorist organisation. On the other hand, the appeal against the preventive arrest made in December 2016 by the lawyer of one of the comrades was read, alleging, among other things, that the DNA sample (of the fake breathalyser test) was illegally taken, and thus is not valid. The court of Cologne justified keeping the comrade in prison because of the severity of the crime and the indicated relation of the accused with the anarchist movement. Furthermore, the (work) curriculum of one of the comrades was read out, so that the tribunal would have more knowledge of the accused.

The next sessions will be:

May 12: the biometrical expert will testify as a witness from the prosecution
May 18: Plea of the prosecution and possible demand of the sentence
May 22 and 31: Plea of the defense begins
June 7 and 13: are still left open, depending on what happens in the previous sessions.

Our presence in these final moments is very important!!
That our comrades may not feel alone and will feel the support and strength of friends and other people in solidarity!!!