Patras, Greece: Responsibility claim for attacks on banks, DAP offices and Patras Events

Responsibility claim for attacks on banks, DAP offices (right political party) and Patras Events (local news site)
The well-built fairy tale that steeps thousands of submitted consumers
into indifference and illusions, in our heads is equivalent with the
monster of dominant aesthetics, with the onset of hypocrisy and submission

A few days of consumerist mania are enough to substitute the miserable
daily life with illusions of instant freedom feelings that accompany
standardized entertainment.
All this heterogeneous and class diverse crowd which «have fun with their
soul» at the carnival, going in and out of shops of all kind with catchy
music, that consumes tons of alcohol in order to achieve the needed
‘style’, is nothing less than useful idiots which on their backs the
industry of meaningless entertainment is built. Big and small bosses,
university student fronts, drug-dealers, bouncers, they all gain from it
in their way by setting up a scene that fits them all: trends and
alternatives, posh and not, youngsters and family people, students of all
kind, patriots, hooligans. All with a common thing. The wandering of their
disguised misery and stupefaction.
From our side, we seized the opportunity of generalized anonymity that is
offered by the mass disguise in order to make our attacks on banks and on
the Dap offices, while after the carnival we attacked the offices of
More specifically:
On the early hours of Friday 3/3 we attacked the offices of «news» site
PatraEvents by breaking the whole facade on Al.Ipsilantou str., a few
meters away from the police headquarters.
The specific site holds an admittedly special position in the local media
garbage. In the core of its «news» we can see glamour and promotion of the
lives of all these personalities that complete the lifestyle scene and are
fashion and behavior role-models for mass culture. In the pages of
PatrasEvents we can see clearly this influence relation of showbiz towards
the masses, through depiction of its «bacchanal» moments in these shitty
bars. Fake smiles, hideous gym masculinity, emptiness filled with
make-up.. Uniformity is illustrated on the photos taken by the misery
dealers, giving a little bit of popularity to everyone’s vanity. And if
the snapshot is not successful, if someone doesn’t have the “needed” body
proportions or someone is not so glamorous, then, thankfully, Photoshop
comes in. In this way, next to articles about what each persona is up to,
the snapshots of each anonymous consumer parade. Behind this disgrace, we
find all tight together, the site managers and club bosses and bouncers,
the advertisement and promotion business, and money.
Mainly though, we find the hideous way of giving meaning to human
interaction, the image configuration of a world of total uniformity, mass
culture, where dignity and autonomy get sold out, where people get bought
and sold to fake and mutual consumption relations depending on their
wrapper. The more compatible the wrapper is with the role-model it tries
to match, the bigger is its value.
We hope our attack disturbed even a little the feverish work of the site
the moment they were editing the abundant material from the so special for
them commercial opportunity of the carnival.
The night of Saturday 25/2, when the carnival party was at its tops, we
attacked the DAP offices at Satovriandou str.
Despite the continuous patrols of all kinds of cops around the spot, at
the same time when the Dap brats were rocking it, we chose to smash the
entrance of their offices.
These party animals of the right could not stay out from profiting from
the carnival business. The values of coaxing for advancement to the
gentlefolks of the social pyramid, of partnership with the underworld that
runs behind money, of life and relations of showing-off and antagonism, go
along the rotten culture of sociability and entertainment which is
promoted and stinks fixed gender behaviours, formulated beauty icons and
cheap consumption aesthetic.
On the early hours of Friday 24/2 we attacked simultaneously Pireos bank
and Euobank on Ellinos Stratioti str, making useless their ATMs and
smashing their facades.
Our relation with banks is known and fact. And because least said sooner
mended, especially on a topic that has been analyzed so much, we will just
Inside capitalist reality, we are used to translate material world with
numbers and symbols of monetary units, everything is translated to the
language of money. Banks are the beginning and the end in the field of
financial transactions, are the power supply and the epicenter. The most
accessible representatives of the shadow of economy and money flow in our
lives are their ugly facades and their bright ATMs. As those so, they
cannot be anything else than a main target for those who are carrying a
diverse attack plan for the destruction of the existent.
For us, from a hammer hit that stops the colorful adverts of an ATM or
shows our intentions towards a bank reflected on its facade, until a
robbery at it for the supply of the needed resources of revolutionary
processes, are an integral part of anarchist action.
On 8/3, the appellate trial for the double expropriation of post office
and bank in Velventos, starts at the special courtroom of Korydallos
Prison. Let our hammer hits bee seen as raised fists of solidarity with
anarchist comrades Politis, Bourzoukos, Romanos, Harisis, Mihailidis,
Dalios who are on trial for the armed expropriation.
This period the appellate trial for the Paros bank robbery case for which
Tasos Theofilou is imprisoned, denying his participation in the act as
well as all charges for participation in CCF, is taking place. The
information and attack actions for the case can be used as barricades
against the police and judicial fabrications. Lets escalate them…
In July 2015 a comrade from Holland gets arrested, charged with
participation in a bank robbery in Aachen in Germany, while in April and
June 2016 another 2 persons get arrested in Barcelona, charged with
participation in a bank robbery in an other bank in Aachen. With our
action we send a signal to the comrades that are accused for the bank
In cases where fighters are persecuted or imprisoned who defend with
dignity the width and diversity of the struggle, that don’t mince their
words and don’t look for extenuations in front of the persecution
mechanisms, our solidarity is granted and we are looking for the way to
connect our attack against the civilization of authority in the best way.
Selective solidarity, from some, only in cases where the judicial mafia
blatantly sets up cases on the backs of fighters, ends up borrowing the
logic of legitimacy and reproduces the legal dipoles of democracy,
consciously or unconsciously inside the radical millieu. This perception,
starting from pointing out the «arbitraries» from the state agents
themselves in the context of warfare against their political opponents,
ends up transmuting the legal «innocence» into an ethical one, since it
produces a negative counterpoise for those that came against the judicial
institutions as «guilty» in legal terms. Innocence is a characteristic
that all of us that chose to find ourselves in the beauty of anarchist
struggle and destruction, threw away once and forever from our backs. No
victimization therefore, no distinctions compatible with the language of
authority but actual solidarity with those that found themselves in the
dungeons of democracy and hold their head high.
PS. News caught us last minute so with this public intervention of us,
besides the claim of responsibility part, we express our solidarity with
the squats in Athens and Agrinio that faced state attacks. We wink at
those that took the streets of Zografou forcefully and militantly that