[update] Aachen: 16th day of court

During the session on April 7th, the cop who is responsible for the investigation of the Pax-Bank robbery testified. At the time he belonged to the LKA, although now he is working for the BKA. (He has also been present during various visits of the comrades.)
Before he testified the lawyers complained that there are parts of the file concerning the testimony of that day to which they only got access this very morning, so that the judge did not allow the cop to speak of this part (concerning a biometrical expert, an intervened whatsapp message, among other things…). Moreover, in 2004 this cop was responsible for the investigation of the “Aachen 4” robbery.

He explained that his colleagues called him after the robbery and he then went to the bank. When he arrived the tools that were found in the bank as well as the plastic bag found outside (containing a wig, a coat, sunglasses, a gun, etc.) were already placed on a table as proof. He stated that the German police had followed our comrade while she was visiting her family in Germany and also when she went to Berlin, without there having been anything relevant to the investigation. He said that they were planning to arrest her on German territory but decided not to, since the necessary operation could not be finalised within 24 hours. They followed her to the airport and took DNA samples of her suitcase.

Concerning the Spanish part, he stated that once there was a coincidence in the DNA he and various colleagues went to Barcelona to have a meeting with the mossos d’esquadra, since according to him the Catalan police was very interested. During this meeting they shared theories about the financing of a supposed terrorist anarchist organisation (GAC), the connections between anarchists from various countries, etc. To the questions of the lawyers he answered that they did not at any moment consider whether there had been a judicial order or not for the taking of new DNA samples of our comrades (from a can of beer and a fake breathalyser test) and that they have full confidence in the Spanish police. Then the lawyers pointed out some of the errors present in the file: in the avid interest of the prosecutor and the German and Spanish police to create links between anarchists on an international level, they quote the 2004 robbery (of the “Aachen 4”) as if it had happened in 2014. Furthermore they attribute importance to an intervened telephone call because of its content and since – according to them – it was made a few days after the robbery, while it could be shown that it in fact took place one year later; names of streets in the file that do not exist, etc.

The cop answered the questions of the judge and lawyers evasively (I don’t know, I cannot say, I don’t remember…). For example whether he knew why the Spanish police considers GAC a terrorist organisation (he doesn’t know), what they talked about during the meeting in Barcelona (he cannot say), with who he was there (he cannot say that, but there were about 7/8 cops in total), if he spoke about the case with the deputy inspector of the mossos d’esquadra when the latter came to Aachen (they did not speak although they did meet up?), etc.

Since they is a part of the file which is new to the lawyers, there is a possibility that this witness willed be called to testify again.

In the court room there were various people giving strength and support to our comrades.

The next session will be on the 24th of April. They will read some parts of the file. This session will probably not take long.