Short summary of session 15

During the session on the 31st March the court looked at all the physical proof that was found inside the bank (tools, tiewraps, a hammer, a chisel, etc.) and inside a plastic bag found outside which the prosecution attributes to the robbery (clothes, sunglasses, a wig and two guns). They also talked about the data found on various computers that were confiscated during the raids: documents, webpages, personal photographs, etc. although the prosecution has concluded that these were not relevant for the case.

The session that was planned on the 3rd of April has been cancelled. The next session will take place on the 7th of April; the LKA cop responsible for the German investigation will testify on this day, as well as read out the Spanish part of the investigation which the deputy inspector of the mossos d’esquadra could not do because he refused to identify himself with his full name.