[update] Aachen: Summary of the fifth hearing

During today’s session two street cleaners testified that on the day of the robbery they found a bag in the vicinity of the bank. One of them didn’t even see what was inside and barely testified. The other, upon emptying it in his cleaning cart, saw that there was a gun inside and warned the police. He was not certain whether there had been a sports bag with a plastic bag inside or whether there had been two bags.

The two cops that responded to the street cleaner’s call and who closed off the area surrounding the bank following the robbery, also took the stand. They said that they did not touch the bag and that one of the street cleaners had done so (with work gloves).

Furthermore, the judge has read various forensic reports concerning the material that was inside the bank (tools, tie-wraps, a cutter that contained a finger print, etc.) and a report to determine whether the traces found on the safe and on the entrance door to the apartment (adjacent to the bank and the worker’s entrance) coincided with the tools found inside the bank. This last report is not conclusive.

The next session will take place on the 2nd of March at 09.00.