[Update] Aachen/Barcelona: Dates set for the trial against the anarchists from Barcelona

The court of Aachen has set the dates for the start of the trial against the two comrades from Barcelona accused of expropriating a branch of Pax-Bank in Aachen in November of 2014. The court case will start on the 23rd of January and a total of 25 sessions are scheduled.

These two comrades were arrested on respectively 13th of April and 21st of June in a repressive operation carried out by the Mossos d’Esquadra and the german police, against the social center Blokes Fantasmas and multiple private residences. Since then, the two comrades from Barcelona are being kept in preventative custody in jails in Aachen and Köln. Let us not forget, that there is also a third comrade from Amsterdam who is being tried at the moment in an independent judicial process that is framed in the same repressive witch hunt that, stemming from the german bank robberies, has been carried out throughout Europe.

From Barcelona we reiterate our solidarity and unconditional support for these comrades and we invite all individuals and collectives to get together and be prepared for any new information or responses to the state’s aggression against those who rebel against its order and misery.




here are the specific dates:

23 and 26 january
9,13,14 and 16 febuary
2,6,9,10,13,20,23,27,28 and 31 march
3,7,24,25,28 april
5, 12, 18 and 22 may