[update] Aachen: first court date

on the 4th of November the first session took place of the trial against the anarchist arrested in Amsterdam accused by the prosecution of aachen of a bank robbery (from 2013).

Although at the courthouse there was an abundant presence of cops of all functions and uniforms (riot police in the courtyard and inside the building, an id check for anyone attending the courtcase, cops controlling some people on the streets), over 30 friends and comrades were present in support.

There was a banner outside the court building which demanded immediate release for the comrade.

The session lasted no longer than one hour, just a few formalities, the reading of the charges and the arranging of the schedule for the trial. The next date is thursday 17th November at 10:30. We remind everyone who wants to be present that they should arrive to the courtroom no later thanĀ  9:45, as getting through security takes quite some time.