[Update] Extradition case of anarchist accused of a bank robbery in Aachen

This morning, 1st September 2016, the extradition court case of our friend and comrade accused of a bank robbery in Aachen in 2013 took place in Amsterdam. The court spectacle happened behind closed doors, i.e. no media were present in the room (some disappointed journalists were waiting outside though, expressing their discontent by attempting to insult the comrades present in the court building). The verdict will be issued in two weeks; if the court decides she will be extradited to Germany she will immediately be arrested and locked up to await her extradition.

The same afternoon a thousand flyers were spread and banners hung throughout Amsterdam in solidarity with our comrade. We remain in solidarity with her and the two other people prosecuted by the prosecution office of Aachen, who are accused of having robbed a bank in Aachen in 2014.