6 juli comrade released!!

On the 15th of July our comrade was released! This, however, does not mean the legal proceedings against her are dropped, but a judge has decided that she can await her extradition court case outside. She has to comply to some conditions, such as surrendering her passport and signing into the police station once a week.

The court case to decide about her extradition will take place on the 1 st of September, 2016, when it will be decided if the Netherlands will comply with handing her over to the german State, where she faces the accusation of bank expropriation.

We feel strengthened and warmed by all the solidarity and support we have received over the past weeks. However, even with this small pause, the need for discussions, struggle and acts continue to be present. Let’s not let repression dictate our needs and desires against this world based on exploitation and authority.

There are still other accused in this case, who face these charges with dignity and strength. Solidarity to all accused in the cases of expropriation in Aachen!