Extradition to Germany postponed and letter from the comrade currently imprisoned in the Soto del Real Prison in Madrid, Spain on suspicion of a bank robbery in Aachen.

A few days ago, when we already took for granted the extradition of the comrade arrested on the 13th of April, we heard of the decision of the Spanish Audiencia Nacional to postpone by one month the handing over of her to the German State. This was a response to a demand made by our defence based on the process of marriage that the comrade was realising before she was arrested.

Precisely in the moment of hearing of the judicial decision, the comrade had been transferred to the women’s prison of Brieva (Ávila), from where we believed she would be prepared for her flight to Germany. Being there she managed to get this card to us, addressed to the outside, which we reproduce below. At the moment of writing the comrade is once again in the Soto del Real prison in Madrid, in isolation and sharing the yard with other prisoners, until at least the 30th of June, the date on which the extended period granted to enable the celebration of her wedding will end. Meanwhile, we call out to continue showing our solidarity with her in the streets, to show our support of all the imprisoned fighters, and our most profound contempt of the system that keeps them hostage to defend its miserable order.

Letter from the comrade:

Comrades, I write from the Brieva prison in Ávila, where they have just transferred me to after a month and a half in the Soto del Real prison in Madrid, always in FIES and isolation regime. I wanted to have written days ago, but all the communication and information is very slow and limited, and therefore I have not done it until now.

I deeply appreciate all the expressions and signs of solidarity and support. I have felt them so strong they transgressed the walls, the bars and the entire system of control and security. No matter how hard they try, they will never be able to break or brake our willpower and our decision to rebel against this world of complete misery in which they oblige us to live.

It is especially the more difficult conditions that give us more strength and determination to continue and sharpen the many fronts of combat we have, here inside as much as outside. The struggles for the liberation from every kind of oppression and authority are manifold, just like the just and legitimate methods and practices. From the simple negation of authority to the attack or the expropriation of a bank, there are many examples… The forever most important thing of the actions is that they can explain themselves and be understood for what they are; for their goals, finality and their value.

When the different struggles connect themselves in a wider context, they compliment and reinforce each other, and above everything break the division between the daily and personal with the political, since all the decisions we make in our personal lives end up being political, like the political decisions we take directly affect our personal lives. Although it is obvious we have to be careful with every step we take so as not to fall into the claws of the State and its servants, we know that struggling does not come for free, since the State and the media every time respond with more repression and a mediatic hunt toward all of us that face them.

For now I am here, but probably they will soon extradite me to Germany. I feel strong and alive, ready to face this situation and whatever is to come. More than anything proud of our ideas, our values and our anarchist practices and the life we choose now and that we continue to choose again every single day…

Strength and solidarity to everyone and to all the fighters, persecuted and imprisoned!

The struggle continues, they will never be able to stop us!

1st June 2016

Centre Penitenciari Brieva (Avila, Spain)

[Translated from Spanish]